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The new challenges of the digital world

Our digital development is constantly progressing technologically and is becoming more and more widespread for all daily needs up to crypto-currency. Everything is dematerialized and stored on media of which we do not know the storage location, the security level and the reliability of access.

The current events have led us to revise our trust in the companies that are the guarantors of our sensitive data, whether they be private hosts or American giants.

Don't wait for a theft or identity theft to worry about your access security. We have the solution !

Our Solution


Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming more and more ingenious, making computer systems ever more vulnerable to data theft. Viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware are the plagues of our digital world.

The daily needs

Faced with the multiplicity of logins to access this or that Internet service site, we need a medium to store our access. Having a reliable storage space in order to be able to protect and quickly access our logins under any circumstances becomes vital.

Lost or stolen data ?

In case of loss or theft of our data media: (paper, USB key, smartphone or computer), it is a stressful countdown that starts to block all sensitive access.

In the event of death ?

In case of misfortune or loss of a loved one, have you considered the rightful claimants, in order to spare them obscure steps in the search for his access ?

Ghostag is designed on the basis of a highly secure NFC microchip, to be worn on the body or implanted under the skin. The contactless access is done only with the specific mobile application. It's like a powerless USB key with contactless access.

Ghostag is ideal to create a COLD WALLET impossible to hack !

The implementation

What could be more secure and more difficult to hack than a system embedded in the human body or worn on oneself (case of alternative solutions) ?

That is why we have developed a special, highly secure chip to be implanted in the human body to store your sensitive data up to 8,000 encrypted words.

  • The access is done with a smartphone equipped with NFC and our application Ghostag

  • Implantation can be done by yourself or with the help of a medical professional/tattooist

  • The operation is as easy as a vaccination

  • It is possible to have local anesthesia of the area to be implanted

  • Reading within a few millimeters of the skin thanks to NFC technology

  • Microchip life exceeds 60 years

  • Ideal to create a COLD STORAGE WALLET without contact

  • Where you go, your data will follow !

Safe to use

The implantation of a microchip is completely without risk for the human body in its daily activities. For example, it is perfectly possible to undergo a scanner at the airport or an MRI at the hospital.

It is possible to have the implant removed with a small local anesthetic under sterile conditions. This small and benign procedure must be performed in a hospital, by a licensed medical professional/tattooist.

For more information, consult the test reports and in particular those concerning the radio frequencies which were carried out by following this link : [PubMED]

The benefits

The benefits of having an electronic implant are many :

  • Any attempt to hack the microchip will be made extremely difficult

  • Reading the data with your cell phone is very discreet

  • Only you know the exact location of the implant

  • The size of the memory allows to store several types of information

  • The life of the microchip is incredible

  • The glass bulb is waterproof and very strong

  • Access to your sensitive data quickly and anywhere

The alternatives

For people who do not agree with the idea of implanting a microchip in their body, we offer alternatives with different form factors, so that you can wear them in all circumstances.

Our products

Ghostag is a concept born from the latest technological innovations in implant and microchip. It has been specially designed to protect access to crypto currency wallets. It can of course be used to protect all types of access, as well as your ultra confidential data. The microchip is available in implant, CB format card and jewelry.

Carry your contactless COLD WALLET with you !

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Subcutaneous injection syringe


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The team

Our team is at your service.


Benjamin Cohen

Founder and CEO

Julie Laforêt

Head of customer service

Alexandre DONZEL

RFID Expert

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  • It is an NFC (near field read/write) microchip implant for the human body, embedded in a hermetic glass capsule. This electronic microchip can also be worn as a ring, a bracelet or a business card (which is also offered as a data cloning device for the rightful owners). The NFC microchip only responds to the specific mobile application, unlike traditional NFC microchips, so we can talk about a ghost chip, hence its name: GHOSTAG. It’s as if you had a kind of USB key without power supply which access would be without contact.

    With a lifespan of 60 years, this chip allows non-contact write cycles in its memories exceeding one million without any power source (ideal for creating a COLD STORAGE WALLET with the most powerful protection).

  • Either you can perform the implantation yourself using the kit we provide by following the instructions.
    Either you can ask a medical professional or a licensed tattoo artist.

  • It is a benign local procedure. The sting felt is similar to that of a vaccine or a tattoo spot. It is possible to ask the practitioner for a small local anesthetic if necessary. A small lump due to the passage of the implant will be visible around the small injection hole. This small protuberance will disappear after 48 hours maximum.

  • We recommend placing it between the thumb and index finger, but you can choose any location you like.

  • No pain afterwards, just a little discomfort at the beginning, due to the time it takes for the implant to find its place during the first hours.

  • You can implant several microchips as long as they are at least 15 cm apart. We recommend to avoid implanting several GHOSTAGs in the same place. For example, you can opt for both hands.

  • Removal must be done under sterile conditions by a professional at the hospital, a medical professional or a licensed tattoo artist.

  • The implant does not send back any information and therefore does not have the same behavior as an animal implant that will indicate a number to the NFC reader provided for this purpose. If you use our mobile application, you will have to enter a password to access the content of the implant. This microchip is highly secure and its technology is close to the microchips used for dematerialized payment.

  • The implant can be used to store all types of information: access logins to your emails, bank codes, access keys to your crypto-currency Wallets. The information is classified by folders. The content of the microchip is encrypted and can contain 64000 unencrypted words in UTF8 format (without accents). You can consider our NFC microchip as a highly secure USB key.

  • The chip used is a specially designed microchip for our application. Its lifetime is linked to the implant and can last more than 60 years. For our other products, the life span will depend mainly on the condition of the microchip carrier.

  • To date, there is no law that prohibits the sale or voluntary implantation of a subcutaneous implant. It is the responsibility of each individual to take the necessary steps in his or her country of residence to find out about the latest legislation concerning this practice, which is not a medical act. Nevertheless, the French government remains attentive to technological developments.

    Read more about it : [Assemblée nationale]
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